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 1) A honest and upright morality – morality is the basis of human beings and the guidance of behaviors. The moral standards of the employee determine the moral standards of the company.

 2) A diligent and dedicated spirit – Being willing to devote to extra work to the progress of the company.  Being loyal to the company.

 3) A enthusiastic and conscious working habit - For the company and individual, lacking ofenthusiasm is just like a train lacking sufficient power, no matter how long and straight the rail is, the train can hardly move an inch.

 4) A modest and united personal style - in a modern enterprise, performance relies on teamwork. An individual cannot survive if detached from the team, an individual must obey the interests of the team.

 5) A persevering and responsible attitude – If being responsible and bearing the consequence for the work, he can do properly when under pressure.

 6) A progressive and aspiring mentality - A desire to succeed and never satisfied with aachievement. Taking a career as a business, not mere a job to earn a living.

 7) Learning,thinking and being progressive - Being adaptable to the changing markets, keeping step with the company. Drawing a lesson from past experiences and broadening one’s horizon, making yourself better.




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