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  • Lac insect

    Lac insect can only survive in a small area in the world. where East longitude is between 95 to 103, North latitude is between 18 to 25, average temperature is 17-20℃,humidity between 65-85, and must be no frost and cold current in winter, notyphone in summer. Due to such particular demand on circu Read More

  • Carbon Reduction Concept During Shellac Production

    Artificial afforestation for lac raw material production is good for CO2 absorption; Read More

  • Raw material Base for Shellac

    In order to ensure the quality of Lac products from the source, the company plans to develop 3500 hectares of Lac raw material forest within 100 kilometers of the factory. At present, 500,000 Dalbergia Nanling, the host tree of lac insect, has been planted, and 700 hectares of artificial forest has Read More

  • Green Factory Concept

    No boiler flue gas emission in the production process to achieve the goal of smoke-free factory. Read More




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