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Aleuritic Acid


CAS number 533-87-9 MDL: - MFCD00135596

Beilstein 1727724  EINECS: -208-578-8

Molecular formula C16H32O5

Molecular value   304.43

Aleuritic acid lso is called as: shellac acid, eleostearic acid, ketoacid or red lac acid, 9, 10,16 - trihydroxy hexadecanoic acid, 9,10,16 -tris hydroxy-palmitic acid, 9,10,16 - trihydroxy palmitic acid.

Structural Formula:

   Aleutric Acid is also known as red lacacid, shellac acid. Red lac resin is a polyester compound made by multi-hydroxylfatty acid and sesquiterpene acid, among which multi-hydroxylfatty acid is lac acid.

   Shellac acid is the main component of thecomposition of natural shellac, and a part of lac resin, it is a white or light yellow crystalline that takes 20% -30%, molecular formula is C16H32O5, contains three free hydroxyl and one free carbonxyl, and its also called 9,10,16 - trihydroxy palmiticacid.

   Aleutric Acid has a wide range of applications, not only can be used as macrocyclic musk fragrance compounds, prostaglandin, insect pheromones, cyclic ureide, nutritional energy material, it also can be applied in UV resistance, radiation resistance, heat-resistant aeronautic/aerospace materials and equipments.

    Its traits are soluble in hot water, methanol,ethanol, and isopropanol; insoluble in cold water, ether, petroleumether, and carbon disulfide.

Quality standards:

Appearance:   white or light yellow crystalline powder(Color index and wax content upon request )

Purity:                ≥95.0%

Storage:            sealed dry preservation

Application:      bio-chemical studies, raw materials  for prostaglandin synthesis

UN code

Safety: S24/25





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