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Seedlac is made by the procedure of crashing the sticklac, washing and drying. It is the material to produce shellac flakes, food grade bleached and dewaxed shellac, as well as aleuritic acid.

Package: 50Kg per bag.

Lac insect can only survive in a small area in the world. where East longitude is between 95 to 103, North latitude is between  18 to 25, average temperature is 17-20℃, and must be no frost and cold current in winter, no typhoon in summer. Due to such particular demand on circumstance, Shellac is cultivated only in the south west part of Yunnan Province and the countries close to this area, such as eastern part of India and Burma as well as northern part of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Shellac has different name during processing: the one just collected from trees is sticklac, when crashed and washed, it is called seedlac. The seedlac is dissolved , filtrated and pressed in flakes, it is called shellac flakes. When seedlac is bleached and dewaxed, it is called bleached dewaxed shellac; When seedlac is dewaxed, it is called dewaxed  unbleached shellac. When seedlac is sponified and derived in molecule, the derived linear chain in shellac molecule is called aleuritic acid. The lac dye and lac wax is the by-product of shellac products.

Shellac is included and recognized as safe in the FDA “ Inactive Ingredients Guide “.Shellac is an approved food additive ( E904 ) according to annex IV of the EC Directive95/2EC.






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